Thursday, June 11, 2009


We have all heard David Letterman’s cheap attempt at comedy this week, in which he took some insulting cheap-shots at Sarah Palin and her family.

Behind this feeble attempt at comedy, is a virulent desire to politically assassinate her and anyone in her political camp. She stands for Family, The Right to Life, The 2nd Amendment, Religious Rights, and lately Children with Disabilities. All of which are anathema to Left Wing Nutjobs like him. From their point of view, anyone like her has to be brought down a notch or two.

Thus, his scurrilous attack on her impugned “savagery to animals”, "lack of intellect”, "racial intolerance", and “sexual promiscuity” of not only her but her underage daughter, is a direct political attack – An attack not only to her, but to all whom share her core beliefs and values.

Well, this got me thinking. There was a time in our country in which such an attack to one’s reputation and integrity would warrant a challenge to the dueling field.

Now, what if we all send Letterman a message to STOP IT – A sort of push-back on the Left’s assault on the Right, which he by his words, leads? In the days of old whenever someone offended another's honor, the offended party would take off his Gauntlet, and throw it to the offender. The offended party would then demand an apology, retraction and redress of his original insult.

I am by no means suggesting nor encouraging for anyone to challenge Letterman to a duel; nor to physically threaten him with bodily harm. This would at the very least be a direct violation of Sections 730 – 737, Article 72 of State of New York Penal Code; and would most likely be a violation to obscure Postal Regulations, and other sundry local laws in the jurisdiction where you live. I will be the first one to openly decry such stupid counter-action.

What I am asking is for everyone to send Letterman a spare glove that you may have (most of us have mismatched gloves lying around), and include a note which goes something to this effect:

Mr. Letterman,

By wantonly ascribing the behavior of Sarah Palin and her underage daughter to that of common harlots, you have insulted the honour and reputation of our ladies and our daughters. We hereby demand that you make a formal public apology to Mrs. Palin and her family. Nothing less would have our honour redressed and satisfied.

Respectfully yours,

(your name)

His address is:
Mr.David Letterman
1697 Broadway
Suite 907
New York, NY 10019-5900

You may think this to be a silly suggestion. However, if you deem this a worthwhile social experiment in political push-back, please forward it to your blogfriends, tweets, or anyone within earshot. I am sure that a couple hundred gloves clogging Mr. Letterman’s Mail Room will get his attention. Maybe we could all together make a difference.


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