Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lies of a Lying Liar

Much flapping of the gums are being spent, on “America’s Affordable Healthcare Act of 2009”, AKA HR 3200.

Our President repeatedly tells us:” If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. Period – End of Story”. (1:19) on video. If that is so, how in the helk do you justify Section 102 of HR 3200? Section 102 spells out the end of private insurance in our country (to use our President’s words) Period – End of Story!

Talk about Orwellian. Section 102 is titled: Protecting The Choice To Keep Current Coverage. Subsection (a)(1)(A) clearly states that no new private policies will be underwritten from the moment this law comes into effect. It reads:


(A) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of Y1.

…And here comes the death-blow: Subsection (b)(1)(A) clearly states that after five years all remaining private insurance plans must meet government mandated standards – Which is an impossibility because it freezes premiums while mandating unlimited coverage for all sorts of services.


(A) IN GENERAL- The Commissioner shall establish a grace period whereby, for plan years beginning after the end of the 5-year period beginning with Y1, an employment-based health plan in operation as of the day before the first day of Y1 must meet the same requirements as apply to a qualified health benefits plan under section 101, including the essential benefit package requirement under section 121.

So, as no new private policies are issued attrition will cull a vast number of citizens into the government plan in the next four years. On the fifth year, all private insurance companies will fold down their tents. The remaining lucky few that held on to private insurance will join the Borg Collective then.

Don’t lie to us, Mr. President. DON’T LIE.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Flipping on Crack

A Crack in my Windshield, I Had. And this morning, while taking my car to repair this offending spidering welt, weird voices came from its radio. The Nation’s Minimum Wage went up today to $7.25/hour, the voices said in unison. Some praised, the need for Burger Flippers to get a living wage. Others castigated it for limiting the numbers of new Burger Flippers to be added to our Nation’s Economy.

A Crack and Flippers. Great – They’ve all Flipped-out on Crack. Don’t they all know that raising the minimum wage has nothing to do with Burger Flippers, and all to do with padding the pockets of the Labor Unions? You see, most labor wage contracts are predicated on the Minimum Wage as a factor upon which the pay scale is based on.

Say, the United Auto Workers set their wages as a factor of “X” times the Minimum Wage. For example let’s say that they get paid 2.5 times over the Minimum Wage. Minimum Wage is raised from $5.00 to $6.00

Old Wage: 2.5x5.00=$12.50
New Wage: 2.5x6.00=$15.00

But here’s the kicker, thanks to the magic of multiplying factors, a raise in Minimum Wage leverages the pay-raise for Union Workers. Under this scenario, our government has mandated that their pocket liners labor union members are all mandated an additional $2.50 raise from private industry, for every dollar Minimum Wage raised.

And that’s what has me Flipping on my Crack. In this economy, the cost of labor has just shut-up for everyone wishing to hire someone. With real unemployment close to 15%, do not expect for companies help bring it down anytime soon.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Malathion Truck

Malathion is great stuff. Granted I only in extreme circumstances, like when my tomatoes are covered stem to root in aphids. One application an all them bugs are gone.

Back where I grew-up, the Aedes Aegyptis was our state bird. During the rain season, dusks would be heralded by the high pitched hizzing sound of the city's Malathion Truck. This sonorous fanfare, would be segued by the Alto-Soprano tones of home-makers up and down the road: "OPEN THE WINDOWS - OPEN THE WINDOWS. THE TRUCK's COMING"!!! ***hizzzz***A rush - Doors would slam open, hand-cranks of shutter windows would furiously whirl, as if every house got ready to take in a deep cleansing breath. ***hizzzzzz*** We kids would drop everything and rush to the street, in excited anticipation of the praesaged hizzing cloud. ***HEEEZZZZZZZZ*** "Here it comes, its rounding the bend" someone would exclaim, as the first sweet-smelling whiffs would reach us. ***HEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*** All of a sudden our world became a noisy and fragrant white cloud. ***heeezzzzz*** Alas, The Malathion Truck went as it came; bringing white clouds of relief to all who lived on our little corner of the world. ***hizzz*** 'Till tomorrow Malathion Truck, 'till tomorrow. I do miss running behind that malathion truck.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ticks on a Hog

No wonder we are broke. The recently retired fire chief Pete Nowicki, of the Orinda-Moraga Fire District is drawing an annual pension of $241,000.00 not only for the rest of his natural life, but the natural life of his direct survivors. On top of that he is drawing a $176,000.00 as a consultant to the fire district he just stopped directing. The total draw from the people of California is: $417,000.00 per year. And that’s not including health care and other sundry perks.

Not a bad gig if you can get it; but for us taxpayers the sad part is that like Mr. Norwicki, there are many more like him that suckle from this Public Hog.

Read the full article HERE.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Scorched Earth

Our President is intent on having someone’s head on a platter – Someone from the previous administration who will most certainly pay for the Evieeel McBushitler-Cheney’s “War Crimes” committed against humanity. Last weekend President Obama STATED:

(I have) ordered a probe into attempts to quash an investigation into the mass execution of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan.

Why, I ask our President want to dig-up events in the early part of this Global War on Terror Contingency Eventuality on Tuggy Feelings? I remember clearly that this early phase of the War was tasked to both The CIA and SOCOM. Does ‘Bammy want to hang by the “brass danglies” someone in the Pentagon or Langley - George J. Tenet or Rumsfeld perhaps?

The article continues:

The New York Times reported Friday that top officials from the previous administration of president George W. Bush discouraged separate probes by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the State Department and the Pentagon.

They wanted to hush up the killing of up to 2,000 prisoners in 2001 because it was carried out by the forces of General Abdul Rashid Dostam, an Afghan warlord then on the Central Intelligence Agency's payroll, it said….

Ah – “Top Officials” … So it’s someone even higher that they wanna excoriate. That would mean Condi Rice or… Oooooo UnkleDickie himself.

Oh yeah, it has to be Darth Cheney.

That is Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), making evident her full displeasure of our former Vice President Cheney.

Or how about THIS other beauty, in her own hands? Scorched Earth Politics.

So, in accordance with her politics of personal destruction, how about this little picture of a Horse’s Arse attempting to goad the very same soldiers that she so much belittles?

I hate Scorched Earth Politics; but hear my words America. Some day, the Republicans will take back both branches of government. It may take four or maybe eight years.

If the Democrats decide to play scorched earth, they will rue the day the decided to go down this path.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Swamp Critters

Shortly, I shall be moving back to The Free State of Maryland – Land where I shall have my belly stuffed with Blue Crabs and Old Bay as often as I want. Pile-o-dead-crabs in my face, Yummm!

On the other hand, very soon every evening will be heralded by greeting clouds of hungry mosquitoes. That’s one thing I like about this here part of California: nary a blood-sucker in sight. And speaking of blood-sucking swamp critters, my new/old Representative in Congress will be Steny Hoyer (D-5th District MD). HERE he is spreading some kind of Seeds throughout my district. With a “smile”, I shall brace myself in rejoining that blue collective that is the 5th Congressional District of Maryland - As there is no chance in hell that it will turn even the slightest shade of purple any time soon.

If anything the District has an honest geographical definition covering most of Southern Maryland. It seems that Rep. Hoyer doesn’t need any Gerrymandering to keep being reelected.

Others are not so lucky. In making sure that Maryland keeps its blue allegiance, the State Legislature in Annapolis has done very creative work in carving-up the state to its self-serving advantage. Take for example the 8th Congressional District. For many years, THIS was Connie Morella’s District (R-8th District MD) – A nicely compact district comprising most of Montgomery County and highlighted in yellow. In the 2001 redistricting, Montgomery County was carved-up in two. Annapolis, added heavily Democrat Takoma Park and Hyattsville, and took away marginally Republican upper northeast Montgomery County. As a result Connie Morella lost her Republican seat, and you now have these two districtmanic beauties.

Chris Van Hollen’s (D-MD) Newly Defined 8th District, and Donna Edwards’ (D-MD) 4th District. I really “like” the look of her beastly-looking district. For Ms. Edwards’ Germantown, Olney and Fairland (Upper Silver Spring) are all marginally Republican, but lower density population. The lower lobe of her district (Prince George’s County) is heavily Democrat and high-density population.

But what takes the cake, is what the Democrats did to neutralize heavily Republican Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and Harford Counties.

Robert Erlich’s (R-MD) old 2nd District – Yes the first Republican Governor in over 40 years and partner with Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, comprised of mostly heavily Republican Baltimore and Harford Counties. This district was “Ginsu-knifed” beyond recognition by splitting the heavily Democratic City of Baltimore with tatters of Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Harford Counties. The result: 2nd District is no longer Republican, and you have these two other beastly-looking Salamanders. Maryland’s New 2nd District, and John Sarbanes' (Old Senator Sarbanes' diddle boy) Maryland’s New 3rd District. Beautiful!

What I wish would happen for Maryland and for many other states, is for them to adopt the Iowa Legislative Redistricting Process. Up until the 1960’s Iowa suffered from similar district Gerrymandering by their “Swamp-Critters” in Des Moines. That was until, they decided to put the fate of redistricting in the hands of technical geeks. Their Redistricting Commission is comprised of Non-partisan Statisticians and Demographers, completely isolated from political pressures and manipulations. Ever since 1970, they redistrict their legislature in absolutely statistically neutral boundaries. As a result the seats, for both their State Legislature and Federal Congressmen are hotly contested every election. Thus, they have heavy turnaround and not many career politicians (Senators Harkin (D-IA) and Grassley (R-IA) not withstanding). As a result, their current Congressional Districts look like THIS.

Oh well, into the Swampland I go.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Caballeros si Hay!


Whenever the general American public hears the terms: Latin American Military and Coup d’état, this is what comes to mind:

But why? In short, we have collectively bought into Marxist propaganda of distortion and disinformation. You see, Marxists everywhere and in this case Leftists in Latin America HATE their Militaries because the Militaries are the only thing standing in their way towards their Socialist utopia. Because civilian political institutions are weak, The Military is the only effective stabilizing institution that they have. Remember, while the Militaries create order, Marxists thrive in chaos. A constant misinformation campaign upon their Militaries, has convinced us that the Military is composed of nothing but:

A) Bumbling amateurish fools, or
B) Thuggish greedy megalomaniacs.

Latin American Military institutions are by-in-large conservative professional in nature. Just like in the U.S. they pledge an oath to protect and defend their respective flags and constitutions – Not a particular individual. As a rule of thumb, Latin American civilian politicians whore themselves and the future of their countries with reckless abandon. As a matter of course, they routinely tear-up their constitutions. In Latin America, it is not The Supreme Court, nor Congress, but The Military that keeps the country in an even keel. Thus, whenever a particular civilian administration goes too far in assaulting their constitutions, reluctantly their Militaries raises-up in their (the constitutions’) defense.

There are exceptions to this rule of thumb. At times Militaries have been abusive and over-reaching. In 1948, the Costa Rican Military got itself entangled in a failed Coup which cost them their institutions themselves. As a result, Costa Rica abolished its Army, and their democracy became very stable. During the 1970’s the Military Juntas in Brazil and Argentina sent their countries into a hyperinflationary tailspin, as they vainly tried to hang-on to power. They flooded their countries with gobs of new money in a vain attempt to bail-out their cronies (sounds familiar?). How about Drug Dealing Noriega? And of course, who can’t forget The Falklands War. The Argentinean Junta crafted that ill begotten adventure in a last ditch effort. A Swan Song so to speak, in a vain attempt to rally the flagging support of their countrymen, into a patriotic war of liberation.

Those four terrible examples are the exception, not the rule of Latin American Military involvement in politics. Mostly however, they detest having to get themselves out of garrison, and take over the Capitol and Presidential Palace. In most cases, whenever there is a political crisis of some sort, a well placed grumble from the Casern is enough to set the politicians straight. If the politicians don’t take the hint however, they are forced to roll TANKS onto the streets.

The period of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s were truly dark for Latin America. While the U.S. was too self-focused in being defeated in Vietnam, Marxists throughout the region were busy spreading chaos everywhere. Leninists in agitated for revolution in Brazil. Maoist Urban Guerrillas were busy robbing banks, car and bus-bombing the streets of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Their targeted kidnappings and assassinations were particularly brutal.

I wish that the general readers of this blog would understand Spanish, for this video details the Marxist atrocities in Argentina during that period. If anything, pictures speak for themselves.

Where do you think the Symbionese Liberation Army got its idea of kidnapping Patty Hearst from? “Lucky” for us here in the U.S. they were all amateurs. In Latin America, they were not.

With their nations in absolute chaos, Chile (in 1973) and Argentina (in 1976) saw Military Coups. The Military backlash was brutal. There are no other words for it. But brutal times require brutal remedies. The Militaries cast wide and deep nets, in an aggressive effort to stamp-out every single communist in their countries. As a result both the hard-core Marxist Guerrilla and people tangentially sympathetic to their cause were caught and executed. Tens of thousands were “disappeared”, simply erased from the face of this earth. Today, the liberal media remembers only the “Innocent” disappeared. But not the CARNAGE that these “Angels” all, left in the streets of Buenos Aires.

But it is because Pinochet in Chile and the Junta in Argentina, that we now have stable prosperous democracies in these countries. After the convulsions of violence, order and structure were restored. It came to either that right-winged backlash, or PolPot regimes all throughout the region?

Which brings me to HONDURAS:
Last week, the Honduran Military had enough of President Zelaya’s machinations. Zelaya wanted to carbon copy Chávez’s playbook, and turn Hondurans into a Socialist nation. He first wanted to rewrite its constitution, and convene a constitutional assembly all composed of its cronies. However, according to the current constitution this power to convene a constitutional assembly resides in their Congress, not the President. Zelaya, undaunted decided to carry out a national referendum against the Congress wishes, and against a restraining order by their Supreme Court. Given that the Honduran Electoral Commission didn’t go along with this scheme, Chávez, his buddy in Venezuela, sent Zelaya all required voting materials for this referendum. Furthermore, the Supreme Court in its findings, ordered the Military not to act in support of this referendum. The Honduran Chief of Staff, General Velázquez informed President Zelaya that they would have to comply with the Supreme Court’s order. In turn Zelaya fired the general on the spot. The Supreme Court, then ordered President Zelaya to reinstate the General, as he was acting according to the orders of the Supreme Court. The President refused.

Upon this, and on the night prior to the referendum, The Military acted in defense of the constitution. They roused-up the President in his jammies, and booted him on a plane to Costa Rica, while still in his fuzzy pink slippers. The military immediately handed over power to the Leader of Congress, Roberto Milichetti. The Honduran Constitutions requires that in case of incapacity or vacancy of the Presidency, the Leader of Congress is to vacate his post in Congress and assume the Executive Powers. I am sure that the Honduran Military didn’t require any more incentive, than looking at the Venezuelan Military’s new Motto: Patria, Socialismo, o Muerte. (Country, Socialism, or Death). Sure, they wouldn’t mind putting their lives for the cause of their country, but for Socialism, NO WAY

THIS is straight from the Venezuelan Army's Homepage

To this, all the usual suspects are squealing bloody murder. THIS is Zelaya sharing some skin with Chávez, while Ortega looks on quite droopy. (I once bumped into Daniel Ortega right in the middle of an AUSA annual meeting in Washington DC – I S*HIT YOU NOT) But that’s another story.

All the leftist government vociferously decried the Coup. The governments of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela, made a united declaration stating that they would do all in their power to restore Zelaya back to power. Chávez even went so far as putting its Military in alert, stating that it would even intervene militarily to carry out Zelayas restoration to power. This is more as an empty saber-rattle, as Venezuela lacks the means to project power across the Caribbean to Honduras. But what they can do is destabilize Honduras through the land borders of El Salvador and Nicaragua. They have already frozen Honduran government accounts and closed-down all land border crossings. Not to be left behind, Obama has vociferously condemned the Coup also by stating

Now to be fair with President Obama, President Bush would issue a similar statement also. But Bush would publicly issue a Pro Forma statement of condemnation, and then turn and provide quiet support to the new government. President Obama on the other hand, is liable to going further and openly work to destabilize Honduras, as Venezuela and the other miscreants have pledged to do. That has me concerned.

This Coup in Honduras has stirred in me a few nagging questions: We in this country, have been blessed to have a government of laws and by laws. No matter how whacked-out our politicians may seem from time to time, the have not trampled gratuitously our Constitution. As such, our military has faithfully reported to the civilian governments. But what if someday our government rips-up our Constitution with reckless abandon? Will our military be forced to take remedial action and actively defend our Constitution against our civilian politicians? I hope that it never comes to that? But if it does, we will quickly find out that we aren’t that much different from those so-called Banana Republics that neighbor us in the South.

Where this will all end, I do not know. We just have to stay tuned to see what comes out of this.