Monday, October 4, 2010

Filthy-Filthy PIGS

Many blogs are a-buzz on the fiasco that was the 10-2-10 Rally in Washington DC this weekend.
I on the other hand, would like to give you all a first-hand view on the matter. You see - On August 28th I volunteered to work at Gelnn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. The day prior to the rally, I went to what was once the infamous Vista Hotel in NW D.C., and got my marching orders for the day to follow. I was given a fluorescent orange dorky cap and sent on my way. My mission was to tend to a particular patch of ground in and around the Family Reunification Tent at the back end of the side green mall (pointed in red below).

I wish I could tell you much about my impression on the speakers of the rally, as it was happening live. But I can't, as I was too busy helping families reunite during and after the rally. All though-out, I must have handed hundreds of free water-bottles to the thirsty masses (It was 87º that day). And most important of all, I made sure that all garbage collection points were well stocked with empty garbage bags. For five hours, that's all I did. Every one, and I mean EVERYONE, neatly placed their refuse in the bags that policed. In all of that expanse not a single gum wrapper was to be found out of place.

(At least I got to keep three bottles as personal souvenirs from the occasion)

And who attended the rally? Salt-of-the-Earth Middle America; mostly Republican types - You know, the ones that the left loves to accuse of wanting to destroy Gaia by pouring oil on a duck and such invectives.

Compare and contrast what happens when lefty enviro-hypocrites gather at the Mall.

Next time I hear someone from the left bleating paeans on how much the love the Earth, and how much the right hates her, I am gonna scream!!!

You Filthy PIGS!!!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Presidential Crates???

While living in San Diego, one of my continuous sources of amusement was to listen to the way that you Gringos creatively managed to mangle my native language. As Southern California is peppered all throughout with Spanish and landmarks and sites. I have found that some go from the amusing the hilarious, to the infuriating.

The Infuriating:
O.K. If you want to use Spanish for your Real Estate development fancy, PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE, use good grammar. That, IS a pet peeve of mine. In the nearby seaside village of Del Mar, there is a boulevard called Via De La Valle. O.K., in Spanish Valle (Valley), is a masculine noun. Thus, any articles referring to it must agree in number and gender. La, is correct in number (is singular) but NOT in gender. La is feminine. Thus, the correct name for that boulevard should be Via Del Valle. Now, the fathers of the city may have wanted to say it in Italian. Valle in Italian is feminine, but the usage of the articles again, would be all wrong. In Italian the correct usage would have been Via Della Valle. Nah - They wanted to be cute about their prowess in Spanish and failed all over. Grammatical manglings like that, were all over. So many time I just had to grin and bear the quiet insults to my sensibilities.

The Amusing:
I could name many, but one that stick out is Tranca Canyon. I don't know why they chose Tranca to name that canyon, but Tranca in Spanish is that long sturdy iron pole that was used to stop the spinning gears in a grist mil. You would stick the pole in between the cogs, and the mill would come to a stop. Tranca is also one of the many names that is given to that *er* male member, when it is eagerly waiting in anticipation for a happy ending. Since now a days there aren't many grist mills around, Tranca is mainly used as reference to the latter anatomical feature.

The Hilarious:
The city right up the road where I used to live is called El Cajón. In English it means The Crate (as in wooden packing crate). The grammar is used correctly, though I've come to accept that the "o" will not be accentuated. What is hilarious to me is on how you Gringos pronounce it. Below is a clip made by a local citizen where he continuously pronounce in a typical manner throughout the video.

You will say, BOQ - What's funny about it? You see, the way Gringos enunciate their vowels, the "a" in Cajón is pronounced all closed-up. Thus from your lips, El Cajón, sounds like El Cojón, in my Spic ears. Almost always this noun is used in its plural form - Los Cojones. Unless you of course, you are referring to Lance Armstrong, then you use the singular form El Cojón.

Which brings me to the reason for this blogpost. Yesterday, the former Governor of our 49th State, said that the current Governor of our 48th State has more Cojones, than our current President.

Was Gov. Palin refering to our President's lack of testicular fortitude, or the fact that he soon will need some Heavy Wooden Packing Crates to move himself out of The White House?


Monday, July 19, 2010


How does it feel, to have THIS MAN insert his designs on upon you? You see, in the quiet of the night, he made three *er* “itty-bitty” insertions. And they were so fast and hidden that hardly anyone did notice. Yet, when the product of these insertions is fully gestated, the resulting pain will be deeply felt by all. Bring out The Gimp! For we all have a collective date with pain starting on January 1st 2012.

You might ask yourself: BOQ what in the helk are you talking about?

What I’m saying is this… Out of the 384,000 words that comprise Obamacare, Congress inserted nine (9) innocuous looking words. These “harmless” words were arranged into three little lines, inside one little section amongst the 10,800 Sections that make up this legislative abomination. In the forced rush to pass this legislation, who would pay attention to these three little insertions, much less appreciate the havoc that they will create in all of us.

And the words, BOQ; what are those words?

1) amounts in consideration for property,

2) gross proceeds, and

3) gross proceeds.

Three quiet insertions in deed.

Section 9006 of H.R. 3590 reads in full:


(a) IN GENERAL.—Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended by adding at the end the following new subsections:

‘‘(h) APPLICATION TO CORPORATIONS.—Not withstanding any regulation prescribed by the Secretary before the date of the enactment of this subsection, for purposes of this section the term ‘person’ includes any corporation that is not an organization exempt from tax under section 501(a).

‘‘(i) REGULATIONS.—The Secretary may prescribe such regulations and other guidance as may be appropriate or necessary to carry out the purposes of this section, including rules to prevent duplicative reporting of transactions.’’.


Subsection (a) of section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is amended—

(1) by inserting ‘‘amounts in consideration for property,’’ after ‘‘wages,’’,

(2) by inserting ‘‘gross proceeds,’’ after ‘‘emoluments, or other’’, and

(3) by inserting ‘‘gross proceeds,’’ after ‘‘setting forth the amount of such’’.

(c) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The amendments made by this section shall apply to payments made after December 31, 2011.

To fully understand its impact in all of us one has to go to Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code, and chase down their meaning.

Down The Rabbit’s Hutch we go…

After New Years 2012 Section 6041 will read in part:

All persons engaged in a trade or business and making payment in the course of such trade or business to another person, of rent, salaries, wages, amounts in consideration for property, premiums, annuities, compensations, remunerations, emoluments, or other gross proceeds, fixed or determinable gains, profits, and income… of $600 or more in any taxable year… shall render a true and accurate return to the Secretary.

Currently Sec 6041 requires any for profit person to submit and itemize to the IRS a Form 1099 to register certain business transactions as wages, rents, premiums, etc. Starting on 2012 it will include any and all sales between businesses whose amount is over the $600 - Every single sale, PERIOD.

On behalf of all Americans, Barney, I must say: Thank-you for your insertions!!!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Gaia's Heebie-Jeebies

hmmmm-Maaah- MAAAHH-MAGH-GHAAH-Gaghh-gagah

That's how I can best describe the groan that Mother Earth uttered this morning. My bed shook as I hear another set of sounds:

SCREEEE! Flap-flap-flap Thunk!

Not only did Gaia wake me from my slumber, but it freaked MY BIRD out of his mind. I get out of bed, fetch the bird up from the darkened room, and put him up back on his perch.

I get back in bed and notice that the clock reads 0505hrs. I try to go back to sleep, and wonder why did we just shake this morning, and the thought occurs to me:

You know the feeling you get when you are overwhelmed with the "Heebie-Jeebies"? That chill that goes up your spine and makes you shudder in repulsion? Well, over DC Land this morning, Mother Earth just had the heebie-jeebies.

You see, after so many promises by The Golden Child in which he declaimed:

... and then watching as he obstructed every effort to cap the Gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, I could almost hear her say:

"**SHUDDER**" After so high rhetoric, Barrack, and it took you 90-Days to plug that hole?


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Jersey's CAP 2.5

New Jersey's Governor Christie has proposed a state-wide plebiscite to cap property tax to a yearly increase of no more than 2.5%. The proposal is is being referred as CAP 2.5.

Never mind that he's not asking for a freeze in the increase, he is just making a modest proposal to cap it at 2.5. The usual suspects have gathered in force to crush this modest reform:

Let's sample some of the vitriol pointed his way (Video not apt for those with high blood pressure) :

Let's feast our eyes, and watch the Gov. shift his weight around. Oh yeah!


Close Call At DCA

This morning, there was a close call at Washington National Airport. The GA Corps sure did put in some extra hours, today. How about seeing it from the point of view of the cockpit?


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pizza Nazi

We all know the old line from the Soup Nazi "No Soup For You":

Well a restaurant near Lynchburg Virginia, who happens to be owned by an adherent of the Religion of Pieces, has garnered himself the title Pizza Nazi. The Crime for no service in his establishment?


Friday, May 14, 2010

Dial Soap For A Pig Pile

I need for you all to go and buy yourselves some Dial Soap. Yes GO, and get you, yourself a bar of that golden Arizonan suds, and help clean the smears off that beautiful state.

The Liberals are busy pig-piling their fecal preconceptions upon The Grand Canyon State, and we need to wipe clean that stench-off

Let's take a quick tour around the hysteria that grips Liberal-Occupied jurisdictions across this country:


The self important District of Columbia

... You get the point, the crap is piling high and deep.

However, by actively buying Arizona products, we can all do our small part in helping right a wrong. You see, Dial Soap is proudly made by the good people of Scottsdale. There are other businesses that are based in The Great Copper State. Pet Smart, USAirways, UHaul, Best Western and Cold Stone Creamery amongst others.

It is a pitty that I can't legally own an M134 MiniGun, for it is also made with pride in Scottsdale. Dillon Aero makes such a purddy little thing:

(Go ahead - Click on the image)

Of course you can also plan your next vacation in that great state. How about Sedona, or The Grand Canyon, or Monument Valley. It trully is a beautiful state.

Please go to, log-in and register. Can I count on you to help clean-up this mess?


Thursday, March 25, 2010

All Your Health R Belong to US

Legal Notice: (Neither The President, the First Family, or the White House approve nor endorse this non-political commentary. Expressions made herein implicitly or explicitly is strictly that of Citizen Boquisucio).


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trololó Twins

Going around the Internet, is the newly rediscovered Trololó Man. Properly known as Edward Hill, a Russian bard from the 1970's.

But I can´t help but notice, the strong resemblance with this other man:






Are they one in the same, or separated at birth, I wonder. Either way, it would help explain many things about that quirky Ohio Congressman. Any ideas out there, on how to explain this conundrum?


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carbon Credit Cha-Cha

Our President made us a promise:

Coal burning power plants better pay-up or go out of business. At his behest, The House of Representatives passed the Waxed-Malarkey Bill. The Senate, on the other hand has stuck this bill into the recesses of their dusty shelves. To this legislative inaction, our President is moving to implement Cap and Trade by regulatory fiat.

First up is the Director of the EPA announcing an Endangerment Finding, declaring Carbon Dioxide emissions a pollutant to our environment. Furthermore, it has issued a REQUIREMENT dictating that large industrial facilities that emit at least 25,000 tons of Green House Gases a year will be severely restricted (i.e. regulated and taxed to death, implied).

Well, what is a large Coal Burning Power Plant or large Coke Burning Steel Mill to do? Roll over and die? Nah - Just take a page out of the Puerto Rican Sugar Industry, and dance.

You see, at that time Sugar was King in the Island. Growing it for the ravenous U.S. market required thousands upon thousands of acres. The Social Democrats in government (as all socialists do), resented that the Sugar Industry had gobbled-up all of the acreage for itself and its production. What do they do? In 1941 they passed a law limiting to 500 acres, the amount of land that anyone could own. Did Big Sugar roll over and crumble? Oh Noes! It created a series of paper companies who's sole purpose was to hold title of no more than 500 acres of land. In the Land Registry, all of these paper companies all of a sudden became next door neighbors, and Sugar kept growing upon the land UNIMPEDED (pictures in the above links are of the industry in 1940).

Flash forward to today, the EPA is ready at the hammer to punish energy producers far and wide. If our President and his gaggle of Eco-chondriacs want to run power companies out of business, I say let's do it. Power Companies must adapt and get out of this business. This is my modest proposal.

Let's take Kansas City Power and Light Company KCP&L, for example. As of today, they must pump thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide into the air. As it stands they are hunkering down to getting walloped for every ton of CO2 that they produce above 25K Tons. I do not know what their real output really is, but for sake of argument let's say that they currently belch out 40K Tons.

What if KCP&L becomes a holding company, and it allows a plethora of companies to form under its sheltering umbrella as follows

A) Company Alfa: In charge of distribution and customer service,

B) Company Zulu: Owner of the physical power plant,

C) Company Bravo: In charge of 1/2 of power production,

D) Company Sierra: In charge of 1/2 of power production.

KCP&L is just the plain repository upon which the ownership of all of these "independent" companies are parked. Thus, it does not pollute.

-Company Alfa (distribution and customer service) does not emit a single molecule of carbon.

-Company Zulu only owns the inert machinery of the power plant (i.e. railroad siding, elevator, furnace, generator, etc) The machines by themselves do not pollute. It is only the burning of the coal that does.

Which brings us to Companies Bravo and Sierra. Company Bravo is in production only between January and June, and Company Sierra from July through December. They both lease the physical plant from Company Zulu for six months out of a year. Personnel running the power plant become contract workers, with 6-month terms. They immediately get "rehired" upon being "dismissed" every June and December. Each company only produces 20K Tons of CO2. To boot, they can even sell their 5 remaining Tons as Credits to AlGore's Carbon Shakedown Exchange Company!

The above sounds like a lot of Bravo-Sierra, but if that's the way the EPA wants to drum the industry down, that's the B.S. that the industry must dance to.

In the business world today there are many holding companies, which shelter even more "independent' companies. This is done mainly to get around our onerous Tax Code.

For example Sears Holdings Company, shelters:

Sears, Roebuck and Company,
The Great Indoors,
Land's End,
Structure Men's Clothing and,
Radio Shack.

If this type of corporate structure is good enough with the IRS and its Tax Code, it will be good enough too with the EPA and its Environmental Code. The precedent is already set, all power companies must do is to follow this corporate structure and make their case.

I say: Put on your Carbon Cha-Cha dancing shoes and DANCE!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free State Follies (Part I)

Please indulge me in a bit of parochial musings, as I delve into the twisted minds that inhabit the political class of my Free State of Maryland. Though what I am about to write on directly affects the residents of this state, it also indirectly affect all other denizens and readers who call The United States, their home.

Not contented in Gerrymandering our state into absolute OBLIVION. Not satisfied with Motor-Votering each one of its citizens into the voting rolls, our state legislators now want to ballot-stuff their way into guaranteed assured victory.

Working its way in our State Legislature are two identical bills which will enshrine into our State Constitution, Instant Voter Registration (HB-322 and SB-417).

Currently, in order to register, one has to fill-in and submit to the local board of elections The Maryland Voter Registration Application roughly 50 to 30 prior to the elections. Details HERE.

The Application admonishes you to present a valid Maryland Driver's License, but if you do not have one, to "voluntarily" divulge the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. But, in even smaller print, it advises you that if you do not have a Driver's License, do not have an SSN (or do not want to submit it), you can simply make a statement in which you:

While the above is does not deter a serious ballot-stuffer from making a mockery of our electoral system, at least it presents a modest speed-bump to their evil designs. But when Instant Voter Registration gets enshrined into our Constitution, nothing will impede the serial ballot stuffer from visiting every single voting precinct in the state and casting his/her spurious vote over and over.

They could register as Mr. Acorn Drone with an SSN: 1234 in one precinct, as Mr. Seiu Thuggy with SSN:5678 in another, REPEAT... The only thing that will be valid is a true address picked at random within the confines of said precincts. Under the new Constitutional regime, who would ever catch them? They would surely be four states over before anyone catches on to their game.
If you live in the State of Maryland, I write your local State Delegates and Senators (you can find them HERE), and write them a stern letter to bring them to their senses.

If you do not live in the State, please find out what's worming its way in your local legislature. Local legislator are afflicted from group-think, this madness wasn't engendered here in Maryland. Chances are that the same constitutional infestation is plaguing your local law critters.
There are other whoppers that the crazies in Annapolis are seriously considering. I shall be commenting on them too shortly. But in the mean time, we must all get busy in saving what little sanity remains within the government halls of our states.