Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For Him, I Shall Make An Exception

I normally, am not a "let 'em fry" supporter of capital punishment. Tonight however, I am going to make an exception; for at 2100hrs EST, John K. Muhammad will meet the sentence that his peers metted for him in the state of Virginia. As someone who lived through those two weeks of terror, this punishment if befitting his ugly deeds.

I remember pressure-cooker feeling that was sensed by all during those dark days. And I also remember the dark humor that we used to cope with this. Living in College Park and working in Gaithersburg Md., I had to commute twice a day right through his shooting gallery. Going back and forth through the roads of Montgomery County, I remember how all of the filling stations would be deserted. However, we all would wait for the radio report on the next shooting.

All of the sudden, the AM station would break-in with the sad news of a shooting in Virginia. Then , at once everyone would pull-into the nearest gas station and fill-up. "The crazy bassi'd got his jones-off for the day" And besides, he's way off across the river to harm us. A twenty minute hustle and bustle would ensue to get your errands done, and then back to the "pressure-cooker" hunker-in-the-bunker feeling.

May a special dark crevice in the deepest ring of Hades await for you tonight, John K. Muhammed.


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