Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free State Follies (Part I)

Please indulge me in a bit of parochial musings, as I delve into the twisted minds that inhabit the political class of my Free State of Maryland. Though what I am about to write on directly affects the residents of this state, it also indirectly affect all other denizens and readers who call The United States, their home.

Not contented in Gerrymandering our state into absolute OBLIVION. Not satisfied with Motor-Votering each one of its citizens into the voting rolls, our state legislators now want to ballot-stuff their way into guaranteed assured victory.

Working its way in our State Legislature are two identical bills which will enshrine into our State Constitution, Instant Voter Registration (HB-322 and SB-417).

Currently, in order to register, one has to fill-in and submit to the local board of elections The Maryland Voter Registration Application roughly 50 to 30 prior to the elections. Details HERE.

The Application admonishes you to present a valid Maryland Driver's License, but if you do not have one, to "voluntarily" divulge the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. But, in even smaller print, it advises you that if you do not have a Driver's License, do not have an SSN (or do not want to submit it), you can simply make a statement in which you:

While the above is does not deter a serious ballot-stuffer from making a mockery of our electoral system, at least it presents a modest speed-bump to their evil designs. But when Instant Voter Registration gets enshrined into our Constitution, nothing will impede the serial ballot stuffer from visiting every single voting precinct in the state and casting his/her spurious vote over and over.

They could register as Mr. Acorn Drone with an SSN: 1234 in one precinct, as Mr. Seiu Thuggy with SSN:5678 in another, REPEAT... The only thing that will be valid is a true address picked at random within the confines of said precincts. Under the new Constitutional regime, who would ever catch them? They would surely be four states over before anyone catches on to their game.
If you live in the State of Maryland, I write your local State Delegates and Senators (you can find them HERE), and write them a stern letter to bring them to their senses.

If you do not live in the State, please find out what's worming its way in your local legislature. Local legislator are afflicted from group-think, this madness wasn't engendered here in Maryland. Chances are that the same constitutional infestation is plaguing your local law critters.
There are other whoppers that the crazies in Annapolis are seriously considering. I shall be commenting on them too shortly. But in the mean time, we must all get busy in saving what little sanity remains within the government halls of our states.


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