Friday, May 14, 2010

Dial Soap For A Pig Pile

I need for you all to go and buy yourselves some Dial Soap. Yes GO, and get you, yourself a bar of that golden Arizonan suds, and help clean the smears off that beautiful state.

The Liberals are busy pig-piling their fecal preconceptions upon The Grand Canyon State, and we need to wipe clean that stench-off

Let's take a quick tour around the hysteria that grips Liberal-Occupied jurisdictions across this country:


The self important District of Columbia

... You get the point, the crap is piling high and deep.

However, by actively buying Arizona products, we can all do our small part in helping right a wrong. You see, Dial Soap is proudly made by the good people of Scottsdale. There are other businesses that are based in The Great Copper State. Pet Smart, USAirways, UHaul, Best Western and Cold Stone Creamery amongst others.

It is a pitty that I can't legally own an M134 MiniGun, for it is also made with pride in Scottsdale. Dillon Aero makes such a purddy little thing:

(Go ahead - Click on the image)

Of course you can also plan your next vacation in that great state. How about Sedona, or The Grand Canyon, or Monument Valley. It trully is a beautiful state.

Please go to, log-in and register. Can I count on you to help clean-up this mess?


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