Thursday, July 23, 2009

Malathion Truck

Malathion is great stuff. Granted I only in extreme circumstances, like when my tomatoes are covered stem to root in aphids. One application an all them bugs are gone.

Back where I grew-up, the Aedes Aegyptis was our state bird. During the rain season, dusks would be heralded by the high pitched hizzing sound of the city's Malathion Truck. This sonorous fanfare, would be segued by the Alto-Soprano tones of home-makers up and down the road: "OPEN THE WINDOWS - OPEN THE WINDOWS. THE TRUCK's COMING"!!! ***hizzzz***A rush - Doors would slam open, hand-cranks of shutter windows would furiously whirl, as if every house got ready to take in a deep cleansing breath. ***hizzzzzz*** We kids would drop everything and rush to the street, in excited anticipation of the praesaged hizzing cloud. ***HEEEZZZZZZZZ*** "Here it comes, its rounding the bend" someone would exclaim, as the first sweet-smelling whiffs would reach us. ***HEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*** All of a sudden our world became a noisy and fragrant white cloud. ***heeezzzzz*** Alas, The Malathion Truck went as it came; bringing white clouds of relief to all who lived on our little corner of the world. ***hizzz*** 'Till tomorrow Malathion Truck, 'till tomorrow. I do miss running behind that malathion truck.

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