Monday, July 13, 2009

Scorched Earth

Our President is intent on having someone’s head on a platter – Someone from the previous administration who will most certainly pay for the Evieeel McBushitler-Cheney’s “War Crimes” committed against humanity. Last weekend President Obama STATED:

(I have) ordered a probe into attempts to quash an investigation into the mass execution of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan.

Why, I ask our President want to dig-up events in the early part of this Global War on Terror Contingency Eventuality on Tuggy Feelings? I remember clearly that this early phase of the War was tasked to both The CIA and SOCOM. Does ‘Bammy want to hang by the “brass danglies” someone in the Pentagon or Langley - George J. Tenet or Rumsfeld perhaps?

The article continues:

The New York Times reported Friday that top officials from the previous administration of president George W. Bush discouraged separate probes by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the State Department and the Pentagon.

They wanted to hush up the killing of up to 2,000 prisoners in 2001 because it was carried out by the forces of General Abdul Rashid Dostam, an Afghan warlord then on the Central Intelligence Agency's payroll, it said….

Ah – “Top Officials” … So it’s someone even higher that they wanna excoriate. That would mean Condi Rice or… Oooooo UnkleDickie himself.

Oh yeah, it has to be Darth Cheney.

That is Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), making evident her full displeasure of our former Vice President Cheney.

Or how about THIS other beauty, in her own hands? Scorched Earth Politics.

So, in accordance with her politics of personal destruction, how about this little picture of a Horse’s Arse attempting to goad the very same soldiers that she so much belittles?

I hate Scorched Earth Politics; but hear my words America. Some day, the Republicans will take back both branches of government. It may take four or maybe eight years.

If the Democrats decide to play scorched earth, they will rue the day the decided to go down this path.


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