Monday, October 4, 2010

Filthy-Filthy PIGS

Many blogs are a-buzz on the fiasco that was the 10-2-10 Rally in Washington DC this weekend.
I on the other hand, would like to give you all a first-hand view on the matter. You see - On August 28th I volunteered to work at Gelnn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. The day prior to the rally, I went to what was once the infamous Vista Hotel in NW D.C., and got my marching orders for the day to follow. I was given a fluorescent orange dorky cap and sent on my way. My mission was to tend to a particular patch of ground in and around the Family Reunification Tent at the back end of the side green mall (pointed in red below).

I wish I could tell you much about my impression on the speakers of the rally, as it was happening live. But I can't, as I was too busy helping families reunite during and after the rally. All though-out, I must have handed hundreds of free water-bottles to the thirsty masses (It was 87ยบ that day). And most important of all, I made sure that all garbage collection points were well stocked with empty garbage bags. For five hours, that's all I did. Every one, and I mean EVERYONE, neatly placed their refuse in the bags that policed. In all of that expanse not a single gum wrapper was to be found out of place.

(At least I got to keep three bottles as personal souvenirs from the occasion)

And who attended the rally? Salt-of-the-Earth Middle America; mostly Republican types - You know, the ones that the left loves to accuse of wanting to destroy Gaia by pouring oil on a duck and such invectives.

Compare and contrast what happens when lefty enviro-hypocrites gather at the Mall.

Next time I hear someone from the left bleating paeans on how much the love the Earth, and how much the right hates her, I am gonna scream!!!

You Filthy PIGS!!!


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