Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No WMD's Here - No Siree Bob

As a recovering ex-resident of San Diego, I do follow-up on what's going on in that corner of the country. And as such, I've come across this bit of news...

Last week, a local San Diego news reporter interviewed Al Hallor, Assistant San Diego Port Director for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. During the interview the subject casually turned to whether WMD's have ever been intercepted at the local port. That's when the Public Affairs Officer monitoring the interview put in the breaks on the interview.

It is strange that no major newspaper in this country has picked-up this bit of news. The San Diego Tribune is all mum about the subject. To get the report, one has to go to Britain and its Daily Mail for coverage. Report: HERE.

The spin, and tergiversant obfuscation begins: Oh he was just nervous on camera, I'm sure of it.

The original interview is below:

The follow-up report is below (Please click on the image, as there is no embed code).

Move along and go back to sleep; for there is nothing to see here.


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