Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FREE (state) PORK

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The salaries of the state legislature in Maryland is the second highest in the nation. On top of that, and (while the legislature is in session), they get reimbursed by us dumb saps, their constituents for incidentals such as lodging, food, and commuting mileage between their homes and the State Capitol in Annapolis. BTW the legislative session is usually 90-days.

Well, the local Fox affiliate has dug into the legislators' personal expenses and here's the blood-pressure boiling reportage:

FOX 5 Investigates: Taxpayer Hotels:

Now we live in a rather small state, at commuting distance to Annapolis from most parts of the state. Unless you live in the extreme parts of Western or Southern Maryland, you are at most an hour or hour-and-a-half from the State Capitol. Legislators from Cumberland or Crisfield trully need lodging in Annapolis during working days. But what about anywhere else?

Take my representative delegation of grifters legislators. They all live 30-miles from Annapolis. Yet, over the past two years (for a total of 200-days combined) Benjamin Barnes (District 21-D), Joseline Peña (Disctirct 21-D),and Barbara Frush (District 21-D) EACH spent $20-Grand in lodging every single night of the legislative session "sleeping" at the Annapolis Westin. During the same period of time, each wolfed-down $3,500 in meals, and $550 in commuting between Annapolis and the home that he never visited because he was supposed to be "lodged" in Annapolis all this time.

Costing us a grand total (give or take) of $76,000 for them to pyjama party 30-miles from their homes.

If your live in the ex-Free State of Maryland, go to this link: HERE and download your lawmakers' expense tables. Call them and register your dour displeasure. The rest of the reportage is: HERE


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