Saturday, September 10, 2011

Teamsters Thuggery

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By now, you have all gnashed your teeth at The Teamsters latest example of thuggish language:

An exuberant example of stump-speech rhetoric? Perhaps. But when the Teamsters talk like that, I listen. For I remember well what happens when their hate speech (EXACTLY like Hoffa's) and followed by their direct action, murdered 96 innocents souls.

I was back home for the holidays December 31st, 1986. Teamsters Local 901 was shaking-down the old Dupont Plaza Hotel for a labor contract for the hotel's maintenance employees. In typical Teamster bluster, they took out radio spots, condemning Dupont Plaza's management with the most vile and intimidating language. In their spots, they actually threatened them to give-in or they would be taken-out. Just like Hoffa did this weekend. I remember well those spots, for they ran contrary to all the good Christmas cheer of the season.

Early in the afternoon, of New Year's eve, all maintenance employees get together in one of the hotel's meeting-rooms. They get riled-up by their shop-stewards, and overwhelmingly vote for STRIKE. As the rabid mob files out of the meeting-room. One goon lights-up a can of Sterno under one of the fabric chairs, and well this is what happened:

Pay attention to (0:50)

Given the radio threats to blow-up the hotel, and their fiery stance with the local press in days prior to the conflagration. Once they did blow up the hotel, The Teamsters sent in their heavy hitters from CONUS, to expertly confuse and obfuscate the sad trail of events. The center-leftist governor quickly dropped the matter, and In the end, a lowly lackey took the fall.

Anyways, from that point on, I do take keen attention to the Teamsters and their happy remarks.


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