Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Tapeworm Within

Evil approaches man, masked in countless respectable and seductive disguises.

Dietrich Bonhoffer 1943.
Facebook approaches us with the seductive convenience of making available to us free instant communication that would otherwise be impossible. It allows us to interconnect with others but at a double-edged unnoticed price. Kind of like the way a tapeworm makes its host feel temporarily satiated and happy while sucking the life-force out of you.

Well, Facebook is collecting all comments in its vast network that contain the word "Obama". It is busily cataloging and assembling them in one convenient page for dissection amongst those in the know.

Those with an account can happily see your's and your friends comments on our Commander-in-Chief in this page: HERE.

What an evil and seductive tapeworm, that you are, FaceBook.


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